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Intermediate Care in Relation to HUD 232 Loans 

What is Intermediate Care? 

In addition to allowing the financing of skilled nursing, assisted living, and memory care facilities, HUD 232 and HUD 232/223(f) loans also permit the funding of intermediate care facilities. But what is an intermediate care facility? The definition of intermediate care can vary significantly based on the context, but typically involves the care of elderly individuals who have significant medical conditions, but who may not need full hospitalization. Therefore, most intermediate care facilities offer a level of medical care somewhere between that of an assisted living facility and a full hospital.

How long do patients stay at intermediate care facilities?

It depends. In some cases, an intermediate care facility could be a long-term choice for patients with significant health issues. In other situations, a stay in an intermediate care facility could simply be a temporary step between hospitalization and returning to a more conventional assisted living or skilled nursing facility. However, since the definition of intermediate care is still in flux, average patient stay length can also vary greatly depending on the specific facility.

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